Kick Push Art Print
Kick Push Art Print

Kick Push Art Print

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February 2021. To quote the great Lupe Fiasco, "just the freedom was better than breathing they said." Skateboarding, or kick pushing, around a lighthouse goes deeper than having a lack of direction - you know what you need to do, the path is clear, but you're not in a great rush to get moving. Instead, you coast. There is a particular strain of confidence in knowing that you'll get there all the same, so why rush? Slow down, and enjoy the ride. 

Matte - 180gsm paper thickness. Smoothe, glare free finish. Best for framing. 
Premium Gloss - 275gsm paper thickness. Heavier print with high colour retention. Best for standalone poster hangers. 

A2 - 42cm x 59.4cm 
A1 - 59.4cm x 84.1cm 

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Frame and poster hangers not included.